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I have had the amazing opportunity of being a manager at Little Shop of Pleasures. My mother (Chris Nelson) and her partner (Don Wilhelm) have owned this store since 2001, so I have always grown up in a very open-minded environment. I am grateful to never have had others people’s prejudgments instilled in me. I believe if it is safe, sane and consensual, then we can help.
I was already a long-time customer of the store for over 7 years when I started with Little Shop. I found that the staff were well educated about the products, it always had the best selection of toys, and I always found something new and exciting when I visited. The vast selection of Plus Size lingerie made it easy to always find something unique and sexy to wear. The customer appreciation program and great service kept me coming back.
Asst. Manager
Hi I am Cathy. I am the Assistant Manager for Little Shop of Pleasures. I started working here about 7 years ago. I like to bring a light humor to our store environment in order to make customers feel comfortable to ask for what they are searching for. I work with wonderful people and help great customers, for a company that really cares. Everyday is a new adventure.
I have worked for LSOP since 2011 and love my job. I find it gratifying to help people and like that every day is different. Being able to help people find joy or solve an issue for them is really satisfying. I find the team wonderful to work with as well, and like that they are all supportive of each other’s endeavours and challenges. I am also an artist, primarily in the medium of photography, and am currently working on a project about adult retail store workers.
A healthy sex life, whatever that may mean to the individual, is a fundamental building block of a happy and fulfilling life. The pursuit of this, as with all pursuits of self discovery, is one that should continue throughout a person’s life.Now, I like to imagine the never ending journey of sexual exploration as the Yellow Brick Road, and us as Glinda, showing up every now and then with some wisdom, guidance, and the occasional pair of magical rhinestone shoes.
I am a dedicated person with a family of five. I enjoy reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has broadened my mind and expanded my knowledge in many ways. I have been successful at raising a family, and I attribute this success to my ability to be flexible and handle many different types of situations. This flexibility benefits me when helping other people, which I live for, which is why I was elated to begin working at Little Shop Of Pleasures.
Hey there, this is Rachael your Pleasure Specialist at Bowness. I am so very happy to work here. The wonderful couple that own these stores are absolutely amazing. Working here feels like home. It’s a great place to hang out and talk to so many different people about how to please themselves and their partners.
Jamie has worked at Little Shop of Pleasures for over 6 years, and after taking some time off to travel around the world has rejoined the LSOP team. He is a charming handsome addition to our team and one of the best Neon Wand salesmen we have ever seen. His quick wit and vast knowledge-base makes working with him a absolute blast. A man with no shame, he has been active in Calgary’s BDSM and swinging scene for half a decade, and loves to keep up with the new and exciting events around our great city. Look forward to seeing him at the Telus Spark, The Kinky Flee Markets, the Taboo Shows, and even at home parties!
Hello, my name is Dee and have been working in the sexual/intimacy industry for about 3 years as a sexpert. I previously worked for another Adult Store for 2 years and became part of the team at Little Shop of Pleasures in Sept of 2016. Before coming to work for Little Shop of Pleasures I thought I had a lot of knowledge when it came to educating myself and my customers about product and intimacy, boy did I ever fool myself lol. The knowledge I have learned from the 2 amazing people I work for now and my co-workers, is knowledge that I’m bringing forward to my regular and new customers here at Little Shop of Pleasures and my own sexual life experiences. I get great gratification when I have a customer that comes into the store whether they have had a bad day, never been in an Adult Store, shy and feel embarrassed, age, gender etc and I see a smile on their face when they leave, that is when I know I have helped that customer have a better day. Come on in and have a look around, have a question or just to say hello, look forward to seeing you. We are here to help make your sexual experience fun and memorable not to judge. ☺